Saturday, March 13, 2010

Busy Saturday

Samantha had PowderPuff Derby this morning!  She and 6 of my other girls raced against our service unit.  Samantha's car did great in all the heats, but the track is electronic and other cars were a bit faster.  She placed 7th out of about 35 girls!

I would post some pictures, but seeing as how I LOST the camera cord, with the card adapter in it, while cleaning last week, you will just have to wait. (How's that for a run-on sentence?)

After the race, Riley had ball practice.  It was really cold out and they moved practice to the Blue Building (inside batting cage thingy).  We stayed and watched for a bit, but Gramma, Samantha, Chunky and I were all hungry, so we left to grab a bite to eat.

This afternoon was great for napping...I'm just saying!

Samantha and Roger had the Father/Daughter Dance to attend.  The theme was Luau so they dressed all flowery!  Riley and I have date nights when they go to the F/D Dance.  He always wants to go to TCBY.  There is one fairly close, so we went and had ice cream.  We went on a double date - with Gramma and Chunky! 

The dancers are coming in, so I shall go!

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