Friday, March 26, 2010

Cool Camo!

So, Gramma found this really cool  tye-dye kit on clearance at WalMart and she picked it up, along with 3 t-shirts for the kiddos to do sometime this week. Chunky was on Spring Break, so he came over here to play with the kiddos couple of days.

Here is our process of the tye-dye, along with the results!  Samantha wasn't here, so I did her's for her.  She was happy with the results. 

First, we started with plain white shirts:
Then we picked how we wanted them to look and tyed them up:
Here they are:
Here is Samantha's since she wasn't here:
Put the dye on the shirt:
Add it carefully:
Riley's is ready to sit and soak overnight:
So is Samantha's:
And so is Chunky's:
Into the bags they go:
YUCH! Now how do I get my hands clean?
24 hours later: Time to rinse:
Samantha's swirl:
Chunky's fold:
Riley's bullseye:


  1. Wow - they turned out so cool! Gracie would love doing this. We might have to look for a kit!

  2. Heidi ~ When I ran the daycare, this was always the first summer project we did with the school kids. They loved it and looked forward to it and then had semi-matching shirts to wear on trips!

    We used to get the kits at JoAnn's Crafts, but I have been seeing them at Michael's and Hobby Lobby ~ Sherrie found this one at WalMart. The normal kits have bright blue, pink and yellow! We have always had fun with this. We made matching towels and wash cloths for gifts a couple of years ago - they were a hit with the littles!


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