Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wow ~ that was a cRaZy day!!

School went great today!  The kiddos were very cooperative and did what needed to be done with out any fuss!  We had a good day!  Samantha was supposed to have Speech, but it was canceled.  However, we still had to go grab Chunky from school and I told Riley that his friend J could come over and play.  So, I head to the school with 2 kiddos, return to the house with 4!  In the mean time, Miss Melissa, my Co-Leader has gone and picked up extra cookies for our troop and she also grabbed her two kiddos and she came over to drop those off.  So, it was a bit harried around here for that hour or so with 6 kiddos running in and out...not to mention various adults coming and going!

To add to the craziness - Riley had *practice* at 6pm (thankfully the fields were wet and it was too cold) and we just had a quick meeting, met the coach and picked up our practice schedule for the next couple of months. AND we had Cub Scouts at 6:30.  It was importatnt that we make this meeting as well, since it was the Blue and Gold Banquet and Rog and I as well as Riley are recognized as part of the meeting.

Boy, am I glad to be home and I am ready to hit the bed!

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