Saturday, February 6, 2010

Thinking Day 2010

Today was our Girl Scouts Thinking Day event.  Rog and I headed to pick up some columns from the florist and grabbed some last minutes items that the girls needed for the booth.

We represented Italy.  The girls made our booth into an art museum with *their art* on our walls.  They did some great displays...they each copied a famous portrait (mostly Mona Lisa, but there were others).  They also each made a mosaic map of Italy.

In our booth, we had a mosaic art project for the other girls to do. They had a choice of the flag, the Leaning Tower and a gondola.  We only had a few girls that were intersted in the project, but it was fun.  We also served cheese and olive kabobs and grapes.  The girls learned a bit about Italy to share and all in all we had a good day.

Rog had tacos ready for us when we got home and I was so tired I just watched them play Guitar Hero... Headed to bed because church, fibro meeting and Superbowl dinner at my parents!!

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