Monday, February 22, 2010

A new week!!

And I was ready to go!  I had all the lesson plans penciled in, pages copied and ready to go and I even made out to-do list for me and the kiddos!  They woke up in great moods today and were ready to get started on the day.  They made muffins and while they were baking, they read thier chapter in Black Stallion.  After breakfast, they pulled out thier folders and LOW AND BEHOLD! Riley's PINEWOOD DERBY CAR was hidden in his trapper-keeper folder that we use for school!! (See link above about derby car) Funny thing, we got to talking about it and the week before the post linked we woke up to snow on Monday morning and we took 3 days that week as snowdays, so we didn't really do any formal schooling all week - just real relaxed reading and such.  THEN, this past week, well, it was crazy also - Cookie Drop on Monday, doctor's on Tuesday, extra music lessons for make-up on Wednesday; so once again we had a crazy week and not really any formal schooling.  SO, when it came time to pull out the binders and get back on track WahLah!  there it was!!  He was SO EXCITED!!!  So, we are racing in a race this week!!

Rog was at the station, so we had pigs in a blanket for dinner and then set out to deliver some Girl Scout cookies!!!

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