Sunday, February 21, 2010

Homeschool Crew: Math Mammoth

Last year, about this time, we wre all getting to a *burnout* point with math.  We were learning multiplication tables, it was long, boring, repetitive and monotonous...we were all almost at the point of tears! It was at this time that I decided to put our current math on hold and give something else a try.  Enter Math Mammoth!  We used the Clock book and spent about 3 weeks on just learning to tell time.  WOW!  What a lesson!  Riley is the timekeeper around here, detailed to the minute, and I credit it completely to the book from Math Mammoth.  When we recevied word that we were going to get to review one of their products, I knew that taking a break for division would be a good thing for us, since it was so great last year and we were able to go back to multiplication feeling refreshed.

This year, the kiddos and I poured over the site, trying to decide what we wanted to do extra this year.  They agreed on Measuring 1.  We are just finishing up this lesson and they have had lots of fun with it.  I feel that they have learned more than I could ever teach them on the side about measuring. 

We have also added Multiplication into our year, as a review.  The multiplication books seems to be a good supplement to what we already learned, and is working great as a reminder and reinfocement.

I am currently looking at Math Mammoth's full curriculum sets.  I am not 100%, but there is a really good possiblity that we will be switching away from our current math program and moving to this for the next couple of years.

**Disclaimer: We were given this product FREE of charge in exchange for my honest review.  For more reviews and opinions of this product, please visit the Crew linked above.

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