Saturday, February 20, 2010

Full Day Friday!!

The kiddos got up and moving quite early this morning...well, earlier than normal!  They got started on the chores without any fussing.  We wrapped up the little bit of school work we had planned for this week just in time for some lunch! After lunch, we headed out for this:
Yes, Samantha got her hair cut again. She barely had enough to donate!!  It was right at 8 inches!! She is loving it!  And it looks super cute on her! (The pic was taken right after she got it done). After her haircut, she headed to speech for Friday fun!  She came home with some homework, which is always hard over the weekend, seeing as how she is usually with grandparents or friends!   Our afternoon consisted of hanging out in front of a local restuarant Gadwall's ~ to sell Girl Scout Cookies!!!  I am sSOo proud of my girls! They sold 75!BOXES!!  We didn't sell that many in 3 booths last year!  We still have 2 more booths to go this year!! They were pretty excited about so many boxes.  Pray we do just as good or better the next two!  Riley had gone with  Gramma and Chunky and when we left, we called and he wanted to stay.  Samantha asked if she could call her Nene and ask if she could stay with her.  So, one kiddos at one gramma's, one kiddo at a Nene's house, and a girl scout mom who's daughter had to go to her dad's after the booth sale and with Roger at the station...I had an impromtu girls night out!  Marla and I headed to PigNChick for dinner...she had never eaten there! Once we got ran out of there, we headed over to Barnes and Nobles to hang was nice to hang out with a friend and chat and get to know her better! Now that I am home, and comfy and caught up on my emails...I am off to dreamland!


  1. Hi Christa!

    After I got your email this morning, I decided to stop by and check out your blog. :) I have visited before, but I don't think I've ever left you a comment. Thanks for emailing me. I hope you are having a great, restful weekend with the kiddos at relatives' houses. I am going out to eat with a friend and then shopping today! I'm planning to have a fun girls' day.

  2. She looks adorable...Morgan's is just about long enough to donate, but I think she wants to keep it. :)

  3. Thanks Kathy! We have had a few hair battles around here the past few weeks and she came to me in tears saying she was ready to cut it even if it wasn't long enough. Since it was, she does want to donate it.


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