Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Typical Wednesday

Today was a pretty typical day.  I did my normal morning routine around here, the kiddos were on the computer while I was dealing with some Girl Scout stuff.  We gathered all of our Wednesday things and headed out the door...stopped at the library, just dropped of one found anything.  We visited two TShirt Shops ~ our GS troop has designed a shirt, but we are having some delays moving forward with things...

Kiddos did music lessons and we just hung out until church time.  Our current adult class study is Becoming a Contagious Christian. I am enjoying this study.  Tonight the focus was living our life so people will want to listen to us. That people are more aware of how you act and what you do so you need to act right so people will listen. The study is taken from Matthew 5, being the salt and the light.

In our Ladies Bible Study, we are doing the Prayer of Jabez Bible Study.  I mooched my book from bookmooch and it came in today, so I am excited to read into it and get started (and caught up) with this study!

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