Monday, December 28, 2009

Sunday ~ Monday

We had a lazy Sunday around here ~ church, then serious lazin around, then dinner and games at mom's house. We got a few new games for Christmas and we tried them out...Apples to Apples (not sure about it still); Phase 10 Twist (different); and Exago (which is a tic tac toe type game) it was pretty fun!

Monday morning, we got up and did a quick clean on the house, as we were expecting company for the evening. Once that was done, we went out to help my cousin clean up. Her house was affected by some major flooding rains that came thru Wednesday and Thursday (Christmas Eve) ` we got over 8 inches in the central area. She ended up having 12 inches go in the was bad. I helped for a while and helped get some things packed up. We got to a stand still of sorts, we were out of boxes and were down to mostly heavy items, so the kiddos and I came home ~ I was FROZEN! I climbed under my heated blanket for about an hour, then it was off to fix dinner. Baked chicken, rice and broccoli...

We had some friends over that we haven't seen in 2 or 3 years, they have a new little one and were in town for the holidays, so were able to come and visit. It was nice to visit with them for a while ~ wish they were closer so we could be closer!

Rog is watching football, and I think I am about to play a BigFish game!

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