Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday ~ Cold Cold Sunday

Boy it was COLD today! 

I woke up feeling a bit ugh!, and rolled over to go back to sleep.  Didn't take long!  I slept pretty good for another couple hours, then woke up and realized it was time to get ready for church.  The kiddos were still at Gramma's, even though they didn't go to the deer woods for youth hunt.  Rog and I went to church with out them.  It was spitting snow/sleet when we left out.  We had a guest pastor, he was the founder of our church and has been a pastor for 36 years.  I love hearing him speak...he seriously has the Bible memorized from cover to cover and it is awesome to hear him.

When we left, the snow had stopped, but it was still cold.  Rog started me a fire and then he took down the Christmas lights off the house while I worked on laundry.

There was a Fibromyalgia Support Group meeting at a church not far from here, so my mom and I decided to check that out.  It was only the 2nd one, so it was mainly introductions.  Next month, we are going to start a bible study...blank on the name right now...for those with chronic illness.  I am actually looking forward to it. It was nice knowing that I'm not the *only one* that feels like I do! 

Dinner and games were supposed to be at Chelle's - since she wasn't feeling great, we went to mom's instead.  Just a friendly game of Nutsy and then we all headed home fairly early.  Not everyone felt that great and all the kiddos have school tomorrow!

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