Saturday, January 2, 2010

Just jumping in here!

So I think that with the new year will bring other new things, which is why I am going to make the change to blogging here on blogger and spend this year working away from my blog at Homeschool Blogger.  I will continue at HSB for a bit longer, because of my commitment to TOS Homeschool Crew and I think it will be easier to just leave that there, since we are half way thru the crew year.  I will double post and add them here as well, so in case I happen to pick up any readers here! This will aslo give some time to get things switched over with the other places I review with, mainly my book connections!!  (But I don't want to share a plain, ugly blog with them)!

I want to take some time and learn some things about blogger and also need to figure out my layout here - not to mention, I think I may have a follower or two that I would like to let know about my move...gotta figure out how to do that though, because I have a follower that I don't want to know about my move!

So, please bear with me until I get this thing up and going...I have 4+ years at HSB and I am not sure how things will move, or if I even need to move things?  Not sure what I should do with those posts...I guess if I want to keep the information, I should move them.  Can I back date posts here? I looked at the posting options, but not sure how they work...something to play around with.  Anyone have any hints/helpers on moving my *home decor* from my other blog?  I don't want to change just describes us perfectly...just not sure how to make it look and feel homey here! (Doesn't help that I am on a new laptop and am learning it as well)!

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