Saturday, January 9, 2010

Simple Saturday

Rog came home from work and went back to bed, so we all slept in this morning.  When we got up, we made some Mini Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast.  While those were cooking, Rog, Ry and I played some Band Hero (Samanth was still asleep ~ but we woke her up playing).  Breakfast was really good ~ it had been a while since we had made those, and we forgot how easy and yummy those were!

After breakfast, we finished up the play list, then headed out to do some errands.We hit Wal-Mart for me a computer bag, and a couple of other things we needed.  I tried to go to Avenue, but they have closed!!  We had to get a new water filter for the fridge, the kiddos had Toys R Us gift certificates they *had* to use and we had to run by Petco to get some things to help with trainging Hershey.  (We are planning to take her to the lake this summer, but I want to be conifdent that she will come to me when called ~ so we will be working with her, starting in the backyard, then moving to the front on a 25foot lead.)

Back home, Rog had a friend over and they played some more Band Hero, until time to head to the in-laws for dinner.My mother-in-law fixed Roger and I a birthday dinner ~ pork chops, roasted potatoes, broccolli, spinach salad, corn on the cob ~ really good dinner!  Then, after cake, the boys (Rog and his brother) once again played Band Hero (I think Rog is addicted to it). 

It was cold coming home ~ my car was reading 17*! ~ brrr!!

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