Saturday, December 26, 2009


We had a super nice Saturday! The kiddos got up and played for a while this morning, Rog headed down to deer camp. My parents picked us up and we headed to Brinkley to visit with my 89 year old great uncle who is moving out of state this next week. We stopped and had lunch, went by the cemetery, then went to visit with my uncle. He seemed to be ready to move. We visited with him for part of the afternoon and then went out to visit with my other great uncle and aunt! We love going to visit with them! The kiddos usually love playing out side because they live on the edge of a rice field and the kiddos can go play in the fields! It was too cold today!

We stopped on the way home and ate dinner at Nick's BBQ and Catfish! It was real good! Kiddos were glad to be home and one of them have already crashed for the night; the other is on his way am I!

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