Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Homeschool Crew: Guardian Angel Press

As part of the crew, the kiddos and I got a few down loadable books from Guardian Angel Press. We received three different books Earthquake, Stubby's Destiny, and No Bones About It.

These were all in storybook form, and while they were cute stories, and we enjoyed reading them, I am still not to the point of caring for ebooks. Especially when they are presented as a sit on the couch and read story book.

If you are studying earthquakes, then this ebook could help you. And if you read to the kiddos from the computer, you may enjoy these. Like I said, the story and illustrations are cute, I just didn't care for the ebook form and don't feel I would use these.

For more reviews on Guardian Angel Press, please visit the Crew link above

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