Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nothing better than...

A van full of girls singing Hannah Montana at the top of their lungs on a 2 hour trip to Lake Dardanelle!! We had a great time today!  We met at the church and loaded up two vehicles and headed to Lake Dardanelle for a Girl Scout event.  The park ranger lady is the best with the girls and the place is very pretty!  They worked hard and earned a badge today!  It started raining on us right before we left ~ I got soaked!  ANd of course, it rained most of the way home as well. 
Rog and Riley went with some friends and played disc golf (their new found favorite).  They had dinner ready when we got home!  Chicken Spaghetti! YUM!
Most of the gang that Rog played disc golf with today came over and we played cards.  Had a fun evening, even though some folks were a little whiny because they were sore! 
We also got a new game for the Wii- some firefighter game - so the kiddos had a blast playing that!

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