Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday ~ another try back out on the boat

Things dried out overnight, so we loaded everything back up and headed back to the island.  Everyone was excited to get out and tube today.  Here are a few shots from the boat - I managed to avoid the camera at that time, and so did Chris -
 We played out on the island for a while and then we all had a turn on the tube.  I will spare you the details of all the tubing pics, but here are a few great crash landings:
This was Billy doing his FIRST face plant of the week!
Here is Chelle - floating on her back until she stopped and sunk:
Emily's tube catching some air- not sure what happened to her:
And finally, me.  This was the second set of waves that he was about to pull me over.  I had surprisingly stayed on over the first set, but I knew these were going to take me down (I was actually on my stomach at one point in time on this ride - even though it appears that I am sitting):
We had a lot of fun, and nobody got hurt.  It was a long, hot day and everyone was exhausted when we got back to camp, so it was dinner and then bed.

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