Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tagged and an update ~ weird combonation...

Q.: What is your favoite night-time snack?  I like Popcorn, or Ice Cream...depends if I want sweet or salty..

Q: If you could choose 3 comfort items to take with you for a year on a deserted island, what would they be? (Your husband, children, and your Bible don't count.)  My quilt that my grandma made for my High School graduation, my toothbrush, and lots of sunscreen...

Q: Why did you choose each item?  well, my quilt has gone everywhere with me for the last 15 is truly a comfort item-I do know what I'm gonna do, hubby probably won't let me take it on the cruise next year  :(, my toothbrush, well--do I really need to explain that one?, and sunscreen --my Lupus would really be flared up after a year in the sun with no sunscreen,,lol

Q: What is your first memory? my mother sitting in a chair in our front room (where you weren't allowed to sit) and she was crying because a friend of hers has passed (this has been at least 25 years ago)

I am sad to say that Brittany's grandpa passed away Wednesday night.  He was a very strong Christian and his family knows that he has gone to be with the Lord.  Thank you for all of your prayers, and please keep them coming thru the weekend, as the family still has to bear the funeral.  Thanks so are all wonderful ladies.....


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