Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Homeschool Crew: Quarter Mile Math

I think I may have found a spelling program that we all like!  SpellQuizzer is not a spelling curriculum, it is a really cool program that benefits all ages and (here is the best part) there is minimal work for mom -and I know we all like that!. 
SpellQuizzer is a spelling software that works with all curriculum.  It is downloaded to your computer and you add your list to the program.  It can be lists from your current program, lists you make up, words that a child seems to be stuck on...whatever words you want your kiddos learning to spell!
Since we are not currently doing any school work, I plugged in a few of the lists from last year and let them 'play' on the computer.  They have really enjoyed using the program.
I haven't gotten to the planning part of our upcoming curriculum for this fall - well, at least the Language Arts part of it.  But, looking over it, it would appear that I am pretty much on my own when it comes to spelling, so I think this will be a handy tool for us.  I plan on adding it in as a pretest for the kiddos. By adding it in, I mean writing it down in the books so it will get done!!
The original way to use it is using your mic and making your list with the correct pronunciation. You can give a sentence along with it.  It also works well without the voice (although I think it more effective with the sound).  You add the word, then a clue - I tried my Days of the Week list without sound, just to compare - using clues like Church night or Boy Scout night.  We tired it both ways (because I had mic issues - they are fixed now!) and while without the sound works, I think to get the full benefit -sound is the way to go!!
As far as I can tell, there is not a limit to the number of lists that you can have.  Something else I have done is made each of my kiddos a personal list.  They each have words that they struggle with that the other one does not, so I started each of them a 'struggle' list and will add to it as I see they have words that they need help with.  Once they master a word, the lists are easy to edit, and it can be removed.
If you are interested, you can further check out the program at SpellQuizzer.  There is a 30-day Free trial and then you can purchase it for $29.95. 
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