Monday, July 6, 2009

My poor baby girl....

Well, let me start off by saying that NO ONE slept worth anything last night.  Rog got stung by a wasp yesterday, so that bothered him ALL NIGHT LONG, Samantha's ear hurt her and she was up a couple times during the night (which is not like her at all). I guess it was close enough to a full moon that Ry was doing some weird sleep walking stuff - he came in the room once -not sure where he was.  And if the three of them weren't enough, the dogs couldn't get settled either, SO where do you think that left me?  Yep - I was up being mom - dealing with dogs, directing sleeping children back to their room, doing what I could to make the crying ones feel better...felt like the sleep Nazi was at my house - No Sleep for YOU!!
So, that was all before my day ever started.  I was wide awake when Rog left for the station, so I got up and got my shower out of the way, just in time for Samantha to wake up crying again.  She climbed in my bed, but couldn't lay down - her ear hurt so bad.  SO, after sitting there for awhile, the pressure that she was feeling gave and she started perking up.  Tried her ENT - next available appt - August - that helps me none!  Left a message for the nurse.  Got thru to the primary - 2:30.  Well, while I was hoping for earlier, it's better than August!  I seriously thought her eardrum had busted. 
She perked up and had an ok day.  Ry got some Heely's last night, so they skated up and down the hall today until appt. time.  PTL all the problem is is swimmers ear.  Doc gave us some drops and we headed on out the door.  Headed home, we saw Grannie at the snowcone stand, so we stopped and grabbed  a snowcone with her and Em.
Samantha was acting tired again, but they wanted to go to VBS at my uncles church, so we rushed home for a quick dinner, then off to VBS - 6-9? What a long time - but they had a great time and asked if they could return tomorrow!  Samantha got her drops and they both hit the bed and went straight to sleep.  Hopefully the dogs will do the same, because I am headed there myself!

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