Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th

Today was a quiet day around here!  The kiddos and Rog headed out with Gramma to shop, leaving me alone to enjoy the quiet!  Guess what I did! What any homeschool mom does mid-summer with quiet time - I pulled out the planner and finished up History and all of Science!  It is all penciled in!  Once I get all the main lessons penciled, I will go back and figure out where to work in the extras!  All I have left to figure out is how to schedule/plan Learning Language Arts Through Literature.  Since I have never used it before, I am not sure 1. what the original intent is and 2. how we will put it to use!  Any suggestions??
They came to get me and we all went to the Sherwood Forest Annual Firework display.  The weather was so nice - we just hung out with some friends, chatted and let the kiddos play.  The fireworks were awesome - as usual.  The kiddos wanted to spend the night with Gramma, so we took them all home and Rog and I ran to Sonic for some ice cream.  I am not one to try something different - I am pretty standard when it comes to late night ice cream runs, but I caved this time - tried something new.  Let me just say - their Cherry Lime-aide Chiller was the BEST ever!  I believe I have a new favorite!!
Samantha said her ear was still bothering her a little and she was awful quiet tonight.  I know she is tired also - praying that is all it is!

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