Monday, June 8, 2009

My Baby Boy

First Monday of 'official' summer vacation - according to PS...we're past that already...
Anyways, today was the first day of Cub Scout Camp.  Didn't take me near as long to get him signed in and dropped off as it has in the past...Me thinks they have figured it out!!
Anyways, got him dropped and then headed to the $1 movies with Samantha.  We watched Nim's Island.  I LOVED was a really cute movie.  I hadn't ever seen it, didn't think it was anything I would like, but it was super cute.
Didn't do much but hang out at the house until pick up time, then loaded up with some ice cold water and headed out to get Riley. He was tired, but he had a great day.  Made an arm sleeve to use while shooting the bow, scored a 72 on his JR USA Shooting Team target (have to shot a 35 in order to qualify as a team member).  He also told me about some clay something he sculpted, but I am not sure, by his description, what exactly it may be.
After dinner, we headed to the fire station.  The kiddos went with us, Roger set up an obstacle course for the guys to put air packs on and crawl thru and he let the kiddos help him set it up and hang out and 'watch'.  They were also in charge of the water, when the guys got their equipment off, they were right there with some cold water for them.  While they were all out in the hot doing their training, I was sitting in a nice cool office dealing with a nice slow computer.  I did get a little of what I was wanting to accomplished, but the rest will have to wait!

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