Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Homeschool Crew: The Homeschool Planner

 Wow!  I have had this in my computer for a couple of weeks now, and every time I get a chance, I just go and scroll through it, finding something new each time.  As a person who thrives on organization (and really likes the look of a schedule on paper) - this is WONDERFUL!!!  I do have one teeny tiny thing to say against it, and truthfully, it is not bad against the planner - This planner is so full of stuff, I am curious how it will sell next year to those of us who have it.  It is chocked full of information, has type-able forms (although, some prefer to print -and PENCIL - that option is there as well).

The forms...I cannot even begin...there are forms for homeschooling, and the options are there for everyone - well, pages for moms with up to 5 children.  And the pages that list 5, those of us with 2 don't have to adapt that page and have wasted space - there are several choices for 1-5 children .  I have been printing off and taking notes on what pages I may want to refer back when my curriculum comes in and I start planning it. 
And that is just the SCHOOL portion of it.  The home part of the forms - there are chore forms, menu/menu planning, recipes,phone number/website and password forms, journal pages, and prayer pages.
I spent today printing off the big calendar pages and some others, but I am taking my time and really studying my choices, layout and making sure that I get the correct pages back to back. I am not 100% sure what I want where so it is taking some time to get it right.  Since it is so big and there is so much, I know I can make it work for me.  Nothing worse than a planner that doesn't work because of the way the company thought it should be arranged!  This one will fit you and work the way you want it to...
I have printed off many of the home portion and have already added some stuff to them, so they are ready when I get my school stuff ready.  I went ahead and printed off the front colorful page and plan to take it and a back page and have them laminated, then I plan to take my pages to Office Depot and get it spiral bound.  The possibilities of designing a planner for the year that is suited to you, are never-ending - just someone else has done all the hard work.
Oh, and I cannot forget to mention with this purchase, I also got 12 mini unit studies.  One for each month for this next year.  Even though I don't have all of our books in yet, I know that there are a few of these units that we will incorporate in this next year - I am thinking the American Government and Thirteen Colonies may work well with our history!
I apologize for the long post.  The planner really is full of goodies!  There are even a few lists that I am thinking of printing off, laminating and adding to the kiddos binders for reference. 
The E-Book: The 2009 Schoolhouse Planner is available for you to purchase from The SchoolHouse Store for $39.00 - and I just noticed this - Order between June 11, 2009 and July 12, 2009 and receive the 2008 Planner Excerpts FREE. (These are the extra mini unit studies from last year.  I did not see these, so it will be a complete surprise for you!)
For others reviews and opinions on the planner, please click the Crew banner at the top of the page!

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