Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blue tounged skink

The kiddos let me know that they wanted to go to one of the local libraries today and see one of the first programs of the summer.  So, I grabbed my book and we headed off to the library.  While they crowded in with the TONS of kiddos, I sat back along the wall and read.  When the program was over, I did get a chance to snap their pics while they were petting, but the museum lady was moving so much that it didn't really turn out.
While waiting for Rog to get home, we watched Meet the Robinson's (not one of my faves).  Once he got here, he stole the kiddos and they went to wash the boat so he can get it in the lake this week. I took a nap!!  Rog and the kiddos rushed in in time for him to throw some burgers on the grill. 
We are planning a camping trip coming up, so Chelle and I were going to work on menu and grocery list - until my mother in law came and demanded that we go shopping with her!  Glad we did - we went to Hobby Lobby and I found some scuba diver scrapbook stickers in the clearance section!  Then we came back and finished the menu/lists for our trip.

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