Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hanging at the pool

Today, we spent the day hanging at the cabin.  We all went up to the new pool area and they all played in the water while I sat in the shade and read my book. 
After lunch, Granpa headed back up to the new pool with his laptop- it was high on a hill and he had a little work to do.  Rog, Gramma and the kiddos headed out to see about riding paddle boats and to hit the pool at the clubhouse.  I stayed at the cabin and read! I enjoyed having the quiet time and it was our turn for dinner, so they were all able to stay away until dinner time.  When they got home, dinner was ready! 
You know where we were after dinner!  That's right - in front of the TV. All of us rooting for Kris, but none of us sure he was going to make it!
WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!  Way to go Kris!  He has been a wonderful representative for the state of Arkansas.  And Simon - yes, he is humble - we like to think of it as 'southern'!

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