Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I didn't have Chunky today, so the kiddos and I ate a late breakfast of waffles and headed out.  We went to the new library in our library system.  It is nice, huge!! A great kiddos section - with computers for them to search.  Riley wanted some books on dinosaurs and cavemen, and Samantha was looking for horse books.  I taught them how to search the database for the subject they are looking for.  Samantha found several horse books and Riley got a few dino books.  The search for caveman came up with nothing, but we did find a DK book on ancient people, so he picked that one!
We ran thru and grabbed some chicken and headed to a park.  It was a little breezy out, but they ate and then played until time for Piano lessons.  While Samantha was in Piano Lessons, Riley and I sat out front and worked on math - 100's place x 10's place is kicking our rears.....
Samantha and I did the same while Riley was in Guitar Lessons.  After that, we had to make the dreaded trip to the grocery store.  They were thankful that there were only a few things on my list.  Turns out while we were in Kroger, there was a shooting at the school across the street from there. The guy who was shooting fled the scene!! We were totally in the dark about it. Kinda glad we were - I would have been totally freaked out if I had known there was someone running loose (with a gun no less) right there where we were shopping!!
We didn't get all of our errands knocked out - playing at the park was more fun!  The kiddos went outside to play for a while before church.  I dropped them off for dinner and Bible Study then I had to go to a GS Leader's Meeting.  Grannie picked the kiddos up from church and they were having ice cream when I got there to pick them up!
They are settled in bed now, and I am about to watch American Idol, then head to bed to read!

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