Thursday, April 2, 2009


We woke up to storms this morning, and I was hurting pretty bad, so I called a sick day for me and let the kiddos hang out and play.  The rule was no screens.  They pulled out the tons of Lego's and built a city for all the Littlest Pet Shop critters we have.
Once I got up and going, we did some reading, then got ready for the 4H meeting.  Our 4H club is still new, and we are not familiar with things that go on, so we had an agent come out and visit with us again.  She explained O'Rama, Fashion and Fine Arts, Project Fair, Project Books and Journals.  Each month, the kiddos get a 'homework' assignment.  For this month, it was to bring in an original piece of art, by the child.  After we learned about all the fun stuff that 4H offers, everyone shared their work of art.  Our special presentation was one of the kiddos showed off his photography skills.  We hung around for a few, there are some moms in our group talking about TRISMS, or Classical Conversations/Comm. Central Co-op.  I stuck around to listen for a few, but sounded to me like it was gonna tie me down to a schedule and I am not geared for being on someone else's schedule....
From 4H, my two kiddos and I met some of my girl scouts at a local animal shelter to spend some time volunteering.  The plans were for the girls to be able to take a dog or two at a time to the outside area and run some of their energy off.  Well, we got there about the time a major storm hit, so...our plans were altered a bit.  By not being able to go outside, the girls weren't as excited, so they were able to listen to the worker as he explained some of the rules and ways of the shelter.  We got to go in the cat area and pet and play with the cats...that kept them busy for a while.  One of the other workers stuck her head in the door and asked for a couple of helpers and they all took off to help her - she needed (well, I don't think she REALLY needed it, but asked anyways!) help filling bowls for dinner time!  She said that was the quickest that job has ever gotten done!! 
When we left the shelter, I loaded up all the kiddos and took them to my house (I know call me crazy - 5 9 year old girls...LOL)  the mom that was helping stopped and grabbed pizza's on the way here and they had dinner together, then, instead of getting back out in the storm, we just had the meeting here at the house.  The girls are working on their Brownie Journey and we did some team building activities...they had lots of fun!!
I dvr'ed Survivor and ER, so I am headed to bed now to watch one of them...not sure where I will start!!

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