Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tuesday ~ back to the 1850's

Monday was a busy day because we need to do a *little* work ahead...because Tuesday, we had a REALLY COOL field trip. We visited Historic Arkansas Museum and took a trip to the 1850's!!  The tour we took was Living Log Cabin.  We went out to the yard - since they didn't have phones, they just yelled at each other - Hello in the house - and if they were welcome to come it, you heard a Hello in the yard.  We were invited in. 
The first chore was churning butter.  The kiddos all got a turn to churn (mine didn't go up there and take their turn).  The ladies taught them a song to sing while they were churning, to help keep the rhythm.  Once everyone had a turn, we were split into two groups - our group learned about their clothes.  They only had a couple of dresses and they made their own clothes.  We passed around cotton, silk worm, and some dirty wool.  The kiddos all got to card wool and keep what they 'cleaned'.  They also got to watch the lady work the spinning wheel. 
Our next stop, everyone was back together, they made cornbread!  The kiddos all got a turn doing something to help with the process.  Then, they raked a few hot coals out of the fire place onto the brick and set the dutch oven on it and covered it with a few more hot coals. 
While our cornbread was cooking, we split up again and our group got to make candles.  They took turns dipping their wick in the wax and making a small birthday size candle. 
The cornbread was yummy! And our tour was over.  We ate at the museum, then a few of us stayed around to tour part of the museum.  We missed some of it, because we weren't there at tour time....
I have pictures, and I will post them soon!

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