Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wrapping up another long day...

We got up and going early this morning.  We had breakfast at the hotel, then we took Roger to the hospital and dropped him off there, then crossed the street to Centennial Park where the Parthenon replica is located.  After our tour thru that (that will be another post) I let the kiddos play in Centennial Park.  We walked most of the One Mile Loop, around the pond, then headed over to the hospital.  I went down and visited with granpa for a while, then sat in the family room with the kiddos.  We were playing I Spy Bingo, when there was a tap on the window at the door.  Granpa had put all of his 'garb' on and was walking the halls (well, they were moving him to a bigger room, so he took a detour) so the kiddos got to at least wave to him thru the window.  They were excited when they realized he was there.
We took Gramma to lunch, to give her a break from the hospital and hospital food, then it was time for us to hit the road.  We made it home in decent timing, took some boiled peanuts to a friend who LOVES them (gross!!) Glad to be home, have a long day tomorrow, church, unwinding, unpacking and getting ready for a new week.

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