Sunday, February 1, 2009

SuperBowl Sunday ~ Are you ready for some FOOTBALL??

Our service this morning was good.  Brother P related the sermon to football terms.  Said he once heard that if the sermon was relevant to what was going on in people's life, more would listen.  It ended up being a really good sermon.  He is preaching this month about LOVE. 
After church, one of our members loaned the GS troop some stuff for Fiji.  He husband is from Hawaii, so she has been our go to for learning about the Polynesian Islands. 
When I got home, Rog had gone over to his parents to help the kiddos work on their Pinewood Derby cars - both of their scout groups have a derby coming up the next couple of months. They left there and headed to WalMart to get some paint.  He called when he was on his way home, said he was running by to grab the Wii Fit b/c his parents wanted it back. 
Gramma bought me a Wii Fit!! 
While they were over working on the cars and at WalMart, I cleaned the den, kitchen, dining room and bathroom.   As they were coming in, I was starting on Super Bowl Snacks.  Chelle came over early and we spent time between the kitchen and the Wii game.  Other friends started arriving.  We were split down the middle for the Steelers and the Cardinals.  It was a good game, with good friends and fellowship and yummy food!!

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