Sunday, February 8, 2009

A new week

Getting the girls up and going wasn't too bad this morning....getting them to stop playing on the other hand...
The boys (Rog and Ry) got up early (like 4am) and had some friends meet them here and they headed south to deer camp for squirrel hunting.  They were home when I returned from church - long drive for such a short hunt time.
We hung out here at the house, not really doing much of anything until time to go to my sisters.  Dinner was there and we got over there right before she started cooking.  Thankfully we were there - she turned on her gas stovetop and it made a weird pop sound and the flame on the burner was really high and had a greenish tint to it.  She yelled for Roger to come check it out - best we can figure, there was a build up in the line, but it scared her and she would have turned it all of had Roger not been there.
Waldo and C-co (two guys Roger works with) came over for dinner and games afterwards.  We taught them how to play Phase 10.  When you have 7 players, that game takes a while.  After one round, it was time to come home.

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