Saturday, January 10, 2009

Catching up in one post...

Well, I left you last Saturday with the ~ maybe I will feel better tomorrow ~
Didn't happen!
SUNDAY: I woke up at 10:15 and while I was upset that I missed church time, I didn't feel like getting up.  I stayed in bed for a while, then managed to get a couple things done around here and go to mom's for dinner. After we ate, I fell asleep on the couch and dozed on and off until about 10pm. I woke up freezing/shivering and managed to get the kiddos and I home.  I piled in bed under high electric blankets and extra quilts and went right to sleep.
MONDAY:  PTL Roger was home today ~ I could not move!  The kiddos grabbed their notebooks (glad that was updated while we were off) and came to my bed and did their work with me.  I helped the best I could and we got thru all of what they needed to do in right at 2 hours.  Roger ran and grabbed a pizza and talked me into coming to the table.  I ate about a half a piece of pizza, then carried all of my blankets to my comfy chair and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening there.  Roger had some friends over and they all played Wii - I was in and out and watched it for the most part, but don't remember some things. Roger went to the fire meeting, but I was not up to it.  Later that night, we got a phone call that shook us up - and caused some things in the week to be changed.
TUESDAY: Rog was home again, and after the kiddos finished school, his friends came over again and played Wii.  I still hung out in the chair - not feeling 100% yet.  Rog took Ry to scouts.  He came home VERY upset b/c of something there. We spent alot of time talking.
WEDNESDAY: I got up very early (still not feeling great) to go be somewhere for a friend. You know how sometimes you just need to see that your friends are there and they love you no matter what? Well, he needed us there, so we went.  Mom stayed with the kiddos until I got home - about 10.  We did what little school work I had planned, then headed out for the library, lunch and GUITAR LESSONS!!!!!!  Riley started Guitar lessons this afternoon.  Samantha was supposed to start piano lessons - but the girl who was supposed to teach her flaked out on me at the last minute.  She decided to tell me on Tuesday that she had changed her mind - not very professional, and I am upset that I even gave her a shot at it instead of going with someone else that was recommended. I dropped the kiddos off at church then headed to a GS meeting - what a long day!
THURSDAY: Another early morning-had to take Chunky to his mom, then Ry had an ortho appointment.  Ran a couple of errands - including getting a flat fixed!  Took longer than we thought, by the time we got home, we had just enough time to eat some lunch before we headed to 4H.  While we were at the 4H Rog got dinner started. We were home long enough to grab a bite to eat and head out to Girl Scouts. We had our meeting about cookies! They go on sale Saturday!
FRIDAY: Rog went to run some errands with a friend, just to get out of the house and give us time to catch up with our school work.  We did manage to do that!  Samantha and I had Girl Scout Cookie Rally to kick off cookie sales that start Saturday!  We were there until midnight - we had so much fun!!
SATURDAY: Samantha and I slept until almost noon - then she called Gramma and went with her. The kiddos stayed over there hanging out with their cousins...Chelle came over and helped me sort thru the piles/stacks of pictures and scrapbook stuff I need to get under control so I can get in a book. Then I spent the rest of the evening updating my blog and chatting with a friend! Once again, I am siging out on a Saturday night saying I am off to bed, and maybe I will feel better tomorrow!

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