Friday, December 19, 2008


We had a big day yesterday, so we slept in...until time for me to go to the Dr. The kiddos went with me and waited for a while, but Grannie knew they were there, so she rescued them from the agony of the forever wait. 

When I finally got out (I knew what my problem was, so it was quick and painless) I called mom and they were right up the road- dropped off my meds and picked them up and met Rog and his friend for lunch. 

It was really pretty out today - it was up to 70*!! 

We hung out at the house, then realized that tonight was the only time that Rog and I would have to deal with the kiddos Christmas stuff together - due to weird work schedules and all - so we called his mom and shipped them off to her and spent the rest of the evening sorting and wrapping!

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