Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Time for a break...

They were ready for a break!  They borrowed the Tinker Toys from grandma and they played all day long! I have never seen so much construction from them.  I can't even begin to tell you what all they built.  And to think I thought they were a little old for Tinker Toys.

After lunch, we watched WallE.  Well, they watched WallE.  I tried to but couldn't get into it.  I spent some time searching online for a good bread recipe.  I just want plain simple boring bread.  And I want a recipe to put in my tried and true book for future use. Anyone have one they want to share??  Please send me to one!  When I make bread, I put it in the bread machine and let her mix, knead and rise my dough, then I take it out and bake it in the oven.  This has always worked for two reasons - it hurts my hands to knead and mix and all, and my bread machine burns the bread on one side.  So we work together and make whatever bread.  I have found a successful pizza dough recipe and I thought I had a good cinnamon roll recipe, but looking yesterday I didn't see it.  The recipe I chose wasn't the best - wasn't the wrost, but I have had better.  It came out of the machine very sticky and appeared that it didn't rise very well.  I tossed it in the loaf pan anyways...kinda short, a little dense, but still edible...expecially with enough butter.

While my bread was baking, I pulled out a notebook that I had started writing recipes in and copied a few more.  I went thru the stack I have - it was a mile high!  I seperated them in to tried and true to be put in my book and need to try, which will be my goal in the new year.  How do you keep your family recipes?  I am thinking that I will make each of the kiddos (I am counting 4 here - My two and Em and Chunk) a handwritten family favorites book. The only problem is I need to get them all together!

I also made a batch of haystacks for Scouts tonight.  We had our November pack meeting, complete with Thanksgiving dinner! Riley got his popcorn award, consisting of a new multi-tool pocket knife! He was pretty excited about that - funny thing- he even had his totin chip on him...LOL

Roger is working late, so I am off to search for more bread recipes.

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