Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday ~

Since the boys were gone last night, Samantha slept with me.  We both slept good!  We decided about 10am we needed to get up and moving. 

We had a Girl Scout function at Arkansas Skatium.  I was surprised at how Samantha did!  She had a blast!  She was not wobbly on the skates, she got on the floor and took off!!  Me, on the other hand - very wobbly!  I only made it around the rink one time- that hurt my feet!  The girls had a great time!

On the way home, I dropped Samantha off at her Grannie's house.  She is helping her paint a rent house this weekend. 

I have been reading a book called Enoch - watch for my review...really good book.  So while I was waiting on a friend -A- to come and get me, I almost finished it!  A and I loaded up and went out to the boonies to L's house.  Our intent was to work on the webstie together.  But... I broke Roger's laptop.....

Well, I didn't really 'break it' persay.  I was sitting in the floor with it propped on my leg and I opened it up.  The screen didn't stay put like it normally does, it flipped the other direction, towards the floor.  There is a little piece of plastic missing and it caused the rod that was holding it to slip out.  We did a little with the website, then we played Guitar Hero - well, for a few minutes - I was boo'ed off stage - twice!! was fun though...

It is very late, and I am headed to bed....hopefully I will get up for church tomorrow.

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