Friday, November 21, 2008

Finally Friday

Well, things didn't go quite the way we planned this week, but they were fine.  We didn't get thru all we wanted to accomplish this week, so we will have to work at least on Monday of next week.  Maybe we can take care of things on Monday and then have the rest of the week off!

Roger was off this morning, so that always throws us off.  Then Chunky came in and fil stayed and chatted.  Roger was trying to pack to go to the woods, I was trying to get Ry packed for the woods, so this morning was shot!  We loaded up and went to have Thanksgiving lunch with Em - yes, all four of us!  We have done it the past few years and the kiddos really like going.  Eating a school lunch makes them appreciate staying home and having leftovers...hahaha!

After lunch, we had some things to do at the fire station and bil picked up Ry and Chunky from there.  Sis and I went to mom's to hang out for a while.  We had a 4H meeting this afternoon.  It was more like an officers meeting, so the little ones got to play while I met with the older kids.  We are just getting this group off the ground, so I met with the pres and the sec to make sure we were all on the same page. That meeting went great!  Thanks guys!!  I am excited about this group - I think it will go far!

Chelle called and asked us to meet them at Smokin Buns!  A new BBQ out in the country- what a yummy place!  Samantha and I are in bed watching a Christmas movie called Three Days.  We missed most of it, hopefully it will come on again.

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