Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I was slow moving again today ~ I feel pretty ok, but down at the same time. I guess it is the slight shift in the weather.  I am feeling tired.

The kiddos got thru their schoolwork with out fuss.  They helped with some chores that I was not up to doing. Then we went to pick up Em. They all played outside until time to go to church.  They got dropped off for spaghetti for dinner and I went to meet Roger for our weekly dinner.  Since we have started back at our church, they fed the kids an hour before studies start, so I have been dropping the kids off, meeting Roger at the BBQ shack down the road for a quiet, and quick, dinner.  We always run into some friends there, so we are never alone, but that is fine also. Then I leave and go back to church for Bible Study.

However, tonight was our Girl Scout leader's meeting, so I met Roger for dinner then headed to the meeting.  There have been some big changes in the council and they trickle down to the service unit, so the meeting a very interesting one. There have been some big changes (personel wise) in our service unit, so there are lots of wrinkles to iron out, but things are working and I think all of the changes are going to be for the good!

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