Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wedensday ~

Well, the kiddos made it to Flordia!  They are in Destin, visiting with my father inlaws family.  We spent some time with them in June when we went - 'Uncle Larry' was the one that took the kiddos out on his jetski.

I headed out this morning to do errands- and was gone ALL DAY!  I had tons of things that I needed to take care of before we left, including getting the oil changed, banks for personal, Girl Scouts and Ladies Auxiliary.  Girl Scout errands to run...whew!! I am tired!

Roger and I had our weekly date, with some friends! Then home so he could get packed.  He works Thursday, but will be home that evening late, so we can leave on Friday morning early.

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  1. My guys got your postcards today. They were so excited! Thanks so much for taking the time to send them. We will do the same when we go in the spring! We're hoping to make a spring break trip to Disney. We shall see...hope you're having a great time!


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