Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs #8: Study Spot


This week share your favourite spot to study with your kids. There are many places you can sit down to teach, learn, and work, but where do you prefer and why? You’re welcome to include a photo of your study spot!

Once again, we are the boring ones!  We do not have a specific study spot.  We are all over the place.  We have a school room, but the table in there stays pretty cluttered, so for sit down work, we are usually in the dining room.  There are times that they want to have some quiet time and they go to their room and sit at thier desks or on their beds.  And, then there are days that they grab their stuff and join me in my bed.

Things change with the seasons also - when it feels nice outside, Spring and Fall, we will head out back.  When it is reallt cold -we are in front of the fire place.  With hunting season approaching us, I am thinking we may even get to find us a study spot down at the camper at deer camp!  The joys of homeschooling!  We will be hanging out with Roger while he is at deer camp!


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