Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday ~

Roger got home (later than normal, he actually had a fire to fight) and tried to wake me, but Imust have been tired.  He ate breakfast, then left to run some errands.  I was up when he got back home.  He and Riley packed and loaded up to go to the deer woods.  After they left, I ran and grabbed some groceries for the next week.  I took a nap and then a long shower and went to pick up Chelle.  We had plans that we made last year on her b-day to go see a play at Murrays' DInner Playhouse. We watched Catch Me if You Can.  It was a murder mystery, and besides the fact that I was thoroughly confused throughout much of it, it was pretty good!  We grabbed some ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery!  YUM! 

We just got home and as I was checking my emails and blogging, Chelle buzzed me on yahoo to tell me that Anne Pressley had passed away.  Such a tragic story with such a sad ending. 

I am off to say a prayer for the family and go to bed....

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