Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday ~ parkday!

YAY!!! Even though our school week wasn't what it needed to be, I needed a park day!! LOL!!! That is momma time!! But don't tell the kiddos- they think we do it for them! We did a bit of school work, then headed out to do a few errands (not all that I need to get done though) and then we meet some other families at our favorite hidden park! We had a great time, except D fell on the scooter and hurt his knee pretty bad, and while him mom L was trying to piggyback him (he is 11 and way to big to be piggybacking) she hurt her leg. She wouldn't let us call 911, so we waited until her hubby found us and helped them all to their cars. She did call later and said they both were going to live!  Praying they both feel better soon!

My MIL picked up all 3 kiddos, so I called my sister, who was waiting for her x to get Em and we met at the BBQ for dinner and we talked forever.  I am home, and off to read in my warm bed!

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