Friday, October 31, 2008


That is a scary word huh? How many of you think about retirement?  Well, your hubby's retirement anyways?  We talk about it, about what we want to do, where we want to go.  I know that things change as the seasons of our lives change, but it is still fun to talk about, to dream about, to see if you are on the same page as your hubby even.

We have talked about living the RV life once he retires.  Just paring down to the basic essential needs and hitting the road. Of course, as a homeschool mom, that is something that I want to do with my kiddos as well!  Maybe we can try out all the places with the kiddos, then return to the ones that we liked.

Roger is a golfer...well, he loves to golf.  He loves to spend time out on the course playing. Now, we do not have the next TIger Woods coming up from our house, but it is a way he likes to spend his time.  We have talked about loading an RV and hitting all the courses that he wants to play over the states.  The only thing - I am not into golf, so I would just have to shop.  Maybe he could play a few places and settle on one that he likes and we could move there - hey it's a thought!  And if you look at some places - wow!  I could live there!!  Check out these Arizona golf condos - seriously, would you not love to live in something like one of these? 

I know, some of our dreams are a stretch, but isn't there a quote - if you don't have dreams, you have nothing?  So, I will keep dreaming, planning and waiting to see where each season of our life takes us, maybe one day we will end up there!

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