Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It is just COLD!!!

I am so not ready for winter ~ at least not in October!! 

We did a little schooling today, math, handwriting, spelling, read a couple chapters in history.  We need a science day, just some time to catch up on our science work...maybe that will happen later this week.  The kiddos did some reading ~ I have our Halloween books out right now, so tha thas sparked their interest. 

We have also been reading Owl Moon as part of our Five In A Row this week.  I have an animal tracking book that they have been looking at and really enjoying - maybe we will take it next time we go to deer camp.  Oh, deer camp ~ we will be spending some time there with Roger this next month or so, that we be some good science time!!  I will have to remember to take some books- nature, tracking, the sky. Roger says that you can really see alot of stars there at night. Hopefully we will remember to 'go owling' next time we are there!

Riley had pack meeting tonight and when we got home, Roger downloaded the pics from his game camera to his computer - he had some BIG Bucks hanging out by his stand!!  Maybe he will see one while he is there!

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  1. I knew what you meant... but I just had to take it the other way, because it gave me all sorts of fuel to blog about. I've been needing fuel - fresh ideas to blog!

    I have been doing this and that online through out the day. Now that CHC's new home is up and running and for the most part done I can ease off my use during the day again.


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