Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Getting back on hard to do....

Well, today was another not so normal day!  Riley had an ortho appointment at 11:00.  I had to wake Samantha up at 10:15, so she could eat and we could leave.  Riley got up and went straight to his Lego's again, and I had to convince him that he needed to eat and get ready to go.

We made it thru the ortho appointment ok, but we were out of food around here! I felt horrible, but knew we had to go get something. So, after we made our way thru Kroger, and made it home, the kiddos put away the cold stuff and I crashed!  Well, I tried to anyways... I never fell asleep, but rested for a while.  After I got up I felt a little better, we started on some school work for the week...minimal at best...they did manage to read a chapter of thier reading and do the pages that go with it and they started cursive handwriting pages also. 

While they worked on that, I fixed some dinner.  It all finished at the same time so we ate a quick bite and headed off to Boy Scouts. The only reason we went to scouts was because the popcorn form was due!  Once Riley came out of his den, we left. 

Now, I have taken some Nyquil, and I am chatting with a few friends, but the med is starting to kick in, so I am about to head to bed!

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  1. Does the nyquil help you sleep, or were you sick?


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