Sunday, September 28, 2008


Good evening! 

Sausage biscuit bread was good!  There wasn't any left for tomorrow. We went to church, then ran home and rushed to change clothes, then headed down south!  Roger was wanting to put some more corn out and check his cameras that are at camp.  He was a little hesitant, because the topp is down on the Jeep, but I talked him in to leaving it down!  We had a blast!  There was a little mud, but not much! Just enough to splash in but not so much that we got dirty. The kiddos slept on the way home...I tried, but it was too loud.

Roger was excited to get home and see what was on his camera disk.  There have beensome bear sightings down in the area, and they are legal there this year.  There were 12 pictures on the disk, 3 were turkeys and the rest were of him and his dad!

Dinner was at mom's. Dad made homemade pizza.  We played Rage again, but not tooo late.

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