Friday, September 26, 2008

Slow down! I am missing the day!!

WOW!  What a busy day!  Had to get three kiddos up and dressed and be out the door by 9 am. Iwas meeting MIL in NLR so she could take the kiddos.  I had a doctor appointment this morning (Lupus follow up, all is good - better that is was last December when I was in).

From there I meet them all back at Kroger so we could gather some sort of food to munch on for our field trip.  We still had plenty of time to kill, so we went to visit Meme and Pepa.  For those of you who have been reading my blog - meme is doing good!  We left there and went to Collins Round Mountain Orchard to go on a hayride and pick apples.  It was the best trip!  There were 11 families in attendance, which was 30 kids!  We spent the afternoon there, we had a picnic lunch, went on a hayride, picked apples, rode the hayride again, the kiddos hung out and played, chasing each other around the field area while the moms just sat and chatted!  Great day and great friends!

We left there, I rushed the kiddos back to Gramma's, so Roger and I could go see the movie.  A local church was giving away free tickets to see Fireproof to all of the local FF.  It was a really good movie! Had a great message to it.  How important it is to have Jesus in your life, but also how important it is to fight for your marriage - daily, even if it is not to that point yet.

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