Sunday, September 21, 2008

Simple Sunday ~

Today was a quite, lazy day.

Rog went to work this morning and the kiddos stayed at my mom's house last night. So, I got up and went to church alone.  After church, I ran and grabbed some cheese dip - my typical Sunday afternoon lunch - and went to mom's. 

After we ate a bite, we went to the 3rd and final baby shower of the week!  A friend of ours is due soon - her due date is October 16, but she said today that the dr. don't think she will make it much longer.

We hung out at mom's house, had dinner there and played - - - -Canasta!  Can you believe it, we changed the game!  We only played canasta because Roger doesn't like it and he wasn't there....

We came home earlier than normal, and the kiddos took thier math test that we never got around to on Friday (oops!) and we cleaned a little (not much though) and I have been getting ready for next week!  We have school and field trips and doctor appointments, we need to go to the library and get some groceries.  Not to mention that my house needs to be cleaned BAD!  Maybe we can get it all in this week! At least get the top layer picked up!  We will be on a school break soon, so we will tackle the deep cleaning then - if I can stand it that long.

Well, we have a busy week ahead!  Praying you have a great one!

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