Monday, September 15, 2008

Our relaxed day

I had a few errands to run (you know- since I didn't go anywhere Friday, then snuck up on me). So, they grabbed their folders and worked on their basics while we were driving.  We got to talking about Memorials again, so on the way to town, I swung by a place where I knew there was one.  We got out and read all the names on the wall, one of them being my grandpa, another my uncle, and talked about why they are there.  It is a Veterans Memorial Wall, so it had the war along with their branch of service on it.  We talked about Pepaw being in WWII. After we left there, we stopped and watched a helicopter with some sort of rope hanging on it. I guess it was practicing  something -we lost sight of it. 

Leaving another errand, we found some magnolia blossoms that had fallen off the tree. Who knew they had red seeds in them? We collected a few of them to bring home and take apart.

Walking in the library, the first thing that we saw was a book about WWII!!  Riley was excited and wanted it.  We searched for some books on trees to see about the seeds we just found - there was nothing, we searched for some books on Moths and Butterflies for our science this week- they found a few of those.  The kiddos got on the computer for a while so I could search and find some other books for the week, including some camouflage animals and a few on Delaware and Pennsylvania.

We came home and had some lunch, then out to the back porch for history. They stayed out and played for a while after I finsihed reading to them. 

Between the 3 of us onver the past few days, we have finished a 500 and a 300 hundred piece puzzle. Samantha played with a different puzzle called Scrambled Egg for while, then they made tickets for the premiere of Hoodwinked - one showing only in our den.  Sorry you missed it!

Dinner was chicken pot pie! I love it when the weather cools down and we can start making those winter foods!  The kiddos ate it up and then went to grammas while I went to the fire station to catch up on some work that I missed.

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