Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What a day ~ Wednesday

Well, last night as we were getting ready for bed, Riley came in and said his braces were bothering him - so I look where he shows me and the wire appears to be out of place, so I look at the other side, and sure enough, there is a hole there where the wire is supposed to 'hang out'.  The place he said was bothering him was out of the hole.  I put some wax on it, just so it doesn't irritate him while he sleeps and tell him I will call the dr, first thing in the morn.

So, I get up this morning (keep in mind- we have started school - we are at day 3) and try to call the dr.  I have NO PHONE SERVICE - on my landline.  So, I start dealing with that from my cell phone.  They can have a tech out sometime between now and 7 pm.  Do they not realize that is an 11 hour time frame????  SO, I say go ahead and put me down.  Then I call the Dr. They want me to bring him in right away, so I did that.  Turns out the wire is an easy fix and she showed me what to do and said that it can and will happen, just have him pop it back into place with his tounge - she did tell me until he figured out how to do that, that I could do it with tweezers.

We head back home, just in time for the phone company to call me and tell me they are on their way out.  We pull up at the house at the same time!  How was that for timing?  He spends some time in the backyard -all the while, we are trying to deal with school and the dogs are barking WILDLY!!  The phone man knocks on the door and says he has no idea what is wrong and turning it over to the higher techs.  Great - we still have  no phone!

We managed to get all of our work done in a fairly timely manner - considering how our morning had been! They did their math, language arts, and then we moved on to history - oops, we did all of our history for this week on Monday!  On to FIAR ~ we talked about the pictures in the book Grandfather's Journey and then we tried our hand at origami.  Yeah, well I stink at Origami - Roger was even home and we still had trouble.  We did manage to help the kids make a couple of things - and even though they were not perfect, the kiddos loved them!

We were invited to join Roger's parents for dinner with a long time family friend. Sadly he in in town to visit UAMS Myelomia Center.  This was the first time I have ever met them.  Dinner was great, visiting was great. We had a great evening overall.

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