Tuesday, August 5, 2008

2nd day of school

 I knew that our 2nd day of school was going to be a little bit off, so I scheduled it to be light.  We did math and reading, then we were off to Riley's appointment. This was his 2nd appointment ~ here are some pictures (including the first) to let you know how our day went:

See our crooked front teeth?

Here we are in the waiting room:

Here are the spacers (the blue things in the back):

Here we are two week later (today):

Getting the brackets glued on:

Just the brackets:

Here with the wire and the 'camo' colored bands:

Once we got home, we finshed our school work which was just FIAR, we read Grandfather's Journey again and discussed similes - not sure they caught it completely, but at least I introduced it to them, and we will keep discussing it.

We also finished our science lesson for the day ~ Basic needs of plants and animals to survive.  We started our experiment this afternoon as well. We will check on it on Thursday.

Riley says his teeth don't hurt him.  He just has a few brackets across the front and bands on the back teeth to hold the wire in place.  He has a memory wire in to turn and straighten the front to teeth and to bring them back in so they are not protruding as much - the drs. main concern was him chipping one of them or being teased, so he suggested we go ahead with this step.  They are just across the top for now.  Dr. said that he may have to do some work on the bottom at a later date, but Riley was still young enough that he could 'fix' his problem on his own as he grows.

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