Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

Saturday ~ Roger had to go to work today, and I went to the fire department to finish up the last of the picture sales.  That turned out to be a fairly decent fundraiser for the department. After we finished up there, we ran to Hobby Lobby to pick up some tapeso I could finish up my Disney stuff!   I worked at Chelle's Friday afternoon and into the evening.  I didn't stay too late.  I was tired.

Sunday ~ I woke up extremely tired and sore this morning. Roger came home and made breakfast - sausage bread -YUM! and then we went to church. We went back to our home church ths morning and I guess we are going to go back there and get involved with it again. They offer Faith-Weaver Friends on Wednesday nights, in place of Awana.  My problem before was I felt it was lacking Bible Study, but I have since found other ways to take care of that need of mine, so I think we will be going back to our original church. 

I went to Chelle's to work on scrapping - I finished my books!! Yes, I said books.  Disney is going to be about 3 books, but it will be finished!!

From there, we went to mom and dad's for dinner and played Rage again.  Had to call it an early night because Em starts school tomorrow.


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